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A/B Testing and Experimentation

Master A/B Testing and Experimentation: Ignite Your Data-Driven Decision Power - Excel at Industry Standards.

Comparing Mission

Unleashing the Power of Data-Driven Decisions.

Get ready to board your spacecraft and embark on an enlightening journey through the cosmos of A/B Testing and Experimentation. Your launchpad to mastering this critical component of Data Science at Industry level, equipping you to become a navigator of informed business decision-making. 

This isn’t just another course; it’s your launchpad to the stars of data-driven decision-making.

All-in-one Program

Our A/B Testing course leaves no stone unturned. From the fundamentals to the complexities of statistical significance, delve into every facet of A/B Testing. This is your all-in-one program for mastering A/B Testing. This program is a comprehensive journey with 7 meticulously designed lectures from industry experience to transform you into a proficient astronaut in the world of data science.

Expert Guidance

Our curriculum is designed in line with the current industry trends, practices, and tools used by top organizations. Learn from seasoned professionals in the field. Benefit from their expertise, insights, and industry knowledge. Our A/B Testing course brings you closer to becoming an industry-ready data scientist - you're not just learning, you're evolving.

Holistic Approach

We are not just about the theory but implementation too! Our course offers a hands-on approach to A/B Testing, letting you implement and experiment with the techniques learned, giving you the confidence to navigate the industry landscape. Master end-to-end A/B Test Results Analysis in Python, and decipher statistical complexities. Make every number tell a story!

Introduction to A/B Testing

Launch into the captivating universe of A/B Testing. Understand end-to-end A/B Testing process from start till finish. how this potent tool propels business decisions into new orbits, driving impactful and strategic changes. This is your countdown to lift-off, the point where you prepare for a voyage into a realm where data and decisions intersect.

A/B Testing Basics

Arm yourself with the fundamental knowledge that forms the cornerstone of A/B Testing. From comprehending its definition to its various applications and an astronaut’s view of the A/B Testing process, we ensure you’re ready for the journey. This stage of your training solidifies the bedrock for your mission ahead.

Hypothesis & Primary Metric

Every successful space mission starts with a well-thought-out plan. Similarly, a fruitful A/B test commences with a solid test hypothesis. Discover how to craft a robust business hypothesis, statistical hypothesis, identify primary metrics. Dive deep into the understanding of conversion rates, click-through rates, and statistical hypotheses through tangible examples.

Crafting Your A/B Design

We’ll guide you through the labyrinth of strategic design of A/B tests. From executing Power Analysis to determining minimum sample size, your mission parameters are covered. Acquaint yourself with critical concepts like the Central Limit Theorem and understand the impact of novelty and maturation effects.

Learn how to calculate test durations accurately, ensuring your A/B tests are designed for success.

Running Your A/B Test

Executing an A/B Test is like launching a spacecraft – it requires precision and constant monitoring. We prepare you for all potential scenarios, ensuring you’re ready to handle the control panel with confidence.

Decoding A/B Test Results

Attain proficiency in deciphering A/B test results. Understand how to select the right statistical test, determine statistical significance and practical significance. In the expansive universe of data, you’ll learn to plot your course accurately, guiding your organization to its goals.

You’ll be given the opportunity to put theory into practice using Python, a powerful language at the forefront of data science. You will create your own click data and conduct complete A/B Test results Analysis from estimating pooled variance, test statistics, p-values, Confidence Interval and interpret every single value involved in the process to test the hypothesis for statistical and practical significance.

A/B Testing Pitfalls

Every space exploration mission has its potential black holes. In A/B Testing, these are pitfalls that can skew your results. We’ll guide you through common challenges and arm you with the necessary tools to navigate around these with skill and precision.

Bon Voyage Extras

Preparation Guide

Stride into your next statistical interview with confidence. Our bonus e-book equips you with the top 30 A/B Testing interview questions with sample answers.

Bonus E-Book

And for those who act now, we offer also a bonus e-book with free resource or all topics covered as part of the A/B Testing program.

Need Help?

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