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Chart Your Course To Statistical Mastery: Embark on a Comprehensive Adventure from Statistical Apprentice to Master Craftsman.

Statistical Mission

Data science is a vast ocean, and statistics is the seasoned mariner guiding you through its thrilling waves and intriguing depths. Statistics is not merely a tool; it’s the very lifeblood coursing through the veins of data science, animating every aspect of it. 

Are you ready to grasp this vital key to knowledge and understanding? 

Welcome aboard our “Fundamentals of Statistics” course – your personal navigator in your exciting journey from statistical apprentice to master craftsman, bolstered with academic-style statistical lectures to ensure thorough understanding.

Embark on a Comprehensive Adventure

This course is a voyage across the vast and exciting sea of statistics, guided by 10 meticulously crafted lectures. Experienced instructor will be your trusted crew, guiding you through the calm and the storms of all fundamental statistical as well as advanced concepts, helping you amass a wealth of knowledge along the way.

Disentangle the Enigma of Random Variables

Your journey begins on the calm shores of basics, exploring the realm of Random Variables. We provide clear definitions, accompanied by tangible examples, helping you understand the 'what', 'why', and 'how' of Probability and Sample Space.

Become a Descriptive Statistics Connoisseur

Next, we set a steady course, navigating into the wide sea of Descriptive Statistics. Our thorough discussions on Mean, Variance, and Standard Deviation will empower you to apply this knowledge effectively, painting vivid narratives with your data.

Explore the Depths of Covariance and Correlation

Your voyage continues into the intriguing depths of Covariance and Correlation, pivotal concepts that help you decipher relationships within data. We underscore the important caveat: "Correlation is Not Causation", honing your analytical skills.

Comprehend Probability Distribution Functions (PDFs)

Then, guided by our expert instructors, you'll delve into Probability Distribution Functions, understanding how data can be modeled and interpreted to unveil hidden insights.

Master Conditional Probability and Bayes Theorem

Prepare to dive deeper into the world of statistics as we explore Conditional Probability & Bayes Theorem. Learn to solve complex problems with clear examples, gaining a thorough understanding of these concepts and their applications.

Unearth the Secrets of Causal Analysis

As the voyage advances, you'll uncover the secrets of Causal Analysis and Linear Regression. You will understand the roles of dependent and independent variables, significance effects, causal analysis and more. Through comprehensive lectures on Simple and Multiple Linear Regression, and Ordinary Least Squares (OLS), you'll gain mastery of these critical statistical topics.

Dive into Hypothesis Testing & Unveil Statistical Significance

Charting a course towards the islands of advanced statistical understanding, we'll delve into all things Hypothesis Testing. Learn its usage and purpose, understand the significance levels, and master the step-by-step approach to Hypothesis Testing, with examples to guide you.

Navigate the Intricacies of P-Values

Sailing onward, you'll uncover the fine points of evaluating and interpreting Hypothesis Testing results. Discover P-values, the nuances of Type I and Type II errors, and the interpretation of Confidence Intervals. This section will guide you step-by-step through calculations, with practical examples to ensure your comprehension.

Hone Your Skills in Statistical Tests

Our two-part detailed series on Statistical Tests will ensure you're equipped to test your hypotheses and confirm your findings, making your statistical inferences robust and unassailable. Embark on an academic adventure where you'll explore and master various advanced statistical tests, diving deep into their details and interpretation, all in one comprehensive experience.

Learn About
Inferential Statistics

Lastly, our final segment will introduce you to the power of Inferential Statistics, exploring key concepts such as the Central Limit Theorem and the Law of Large Numbers.

Bon Voyage Extras

Preparation Guide

Stride into your next statistical interview with confidence. Our bonus e-book equips you with the top 30 statistical interview questions with sample answers.

Bonus E-Book

And for those who act now, we offer also a bonus e-book with free resource or all topics covered as part of the Fundamentals to Statistics program.

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