Embark on an Epic Journey through the Cosmos of Coding

Python For Data Science

Launch your Python expedition with us. We set the trajectory for our cosmic voyage, outlining the plan that will guide us through Python cosmos specifically for your Data Science mission.

Coding Mission


Are you ready to propel your Python skills into the stratosphere and beyond?

Get set to navigate the boundless expanse of Python programming with our comprehensive program that takes you on a celestial journey through its most dynamic facets. 

Exclusively tailored to mold aspiring Data Scientists, our program with 18 meticulously crafted demos are your starship, navigating you through the pulsating heart of Python’s core functionalities and advanced Data Science topics.

Liftoff: The Introduction

Launch your Python expedition with us. We set the trajectory for our cosmic voyage, outlining the plan that will guide us through the Python cosmos.

Best Coding Practices

As we start our voyage, we present you with a star map - a guide to the best coding practices in Python. Take this knowledge forward as you continue to explore the cosmos of Python on your own.

The PyCharm Nebula

Glide into the PyCharm nebula, your cockpit for this Python voyage. Master the features of this powerful IDE, set up Python & PyCharm, and familiarize yourself with the PyCharm interface. It's time to take the controls!

Data Types

Our first stop is the lunar landscape of data types and variables. Encounter Python's diverse data types and create variables, from simple integers, strings, and floating points to intricate arrays and lists.

Exploring Objects

Navigate the intricate constellation of lists, matrices, and dictionaries. Learn how to create, modify, and access elements within each of these common and essential data structures.


Next, we ride the cosmic currents of For-loops. Learn to loop through lists, strings, and ranges, understanding the intricacies of nested loops along the way. Learn why and how to use them to make your Python mission more convenient.

If-Else Statements

Our journey takes us through the colorful nebula of If-Else statements. Master conditions, boolean expressions, logical operators, and learn how to classify and break conditions with precision.

Python Libraries

We pause to stargaze at the constellation of Python Libraries specifically used for Data Science. Marvel at the galaxies of Data Wrangling, Data Visualization, Machine Learning, NLP, and Deep Learning Libraries commonly used in Data Science.

Loading Data

Dock at the data loading space station to harvest various celestial bodies: CSV Files, TXT Files, Excel Files, JSON Files, and SQL Databases.

Diving Deeper

Advanced Python Topics

Data Exploration and Preprocessing

Mapping the Cosmic Terrain
Here we map the terrain of our data universe, exploring and preprocessing data. Learn the art of data wrangling, from handling missing values to accessing rows in DataFrame with iloc, loc.

Random Data Generation

Creating Nebulas
Venture into the realm of data simulation and learn how to generate random data, your own mini-nebulas. Master generating random integers, vectors, and distributions with Numpy library.

Filtering, Sorting, Grouping

Navigating the Cosmic Debris
Master the art of navigating through the cosmic debris of data by data filtering, data sorting, and data grouping in Python to aggregate and select data with Pandas library.

Descriptive Statistics

Deciphering the Cosmic Codes Unearth the cosmic codes hidden in data by deploying Python to calculate mean, median, variance, standard deviation, mode, and detailed descriptive statistics of DataFrame.

Merges and Joins

Forging Stellar Clusters
Learn to forge stellar clusters by merging and joining datasets. We will first explore most popular merge types and then master their implementation in practice including inner join, left join, right join, and left-anti join.


Crafting your Stellar Tools
Craft your own stellar tools by creating your own, user-defined functions (UDFs) in Python, deploying if statements within functions, and more.

Project-Based Python Experiences

Text Preparation in NLP

Clearing the Cosmic Fog

Clear the cosmic fog around text data by mastering text cleaning and preparation techniques in Python, such as lowercasing, removing unnecessary characters, deduplication, tokenization, stop word removal, and lemmatization with NLTK Python library. required for any Natural Language Preprocessing (NLP) model.

Data Visualization

Picturing the Cosmos

Learn to picture the cosmos through data visualization techniques in Python, from line plots and bar charts to histograms and combination plots. Learn how to use Matplotlib Python Visualization library first hand.

Data Sampling in Python

Probing the Stars

Embark on the 2 part series of your star-probing mission: Data Sampling. Learn and Master simple as well as advanced data sampling techniques such as random sampling, systematic sampling, cluster sampling, weighted sampling, and stratified sampling in Python. We will combine these topics with Python UDFs and other topics for more enhance learning.

A/B Test Results Analysis

Decoding Cosmic Messages Theory & Practice

Decode cosmic messages with end-to-end A/B Test Results Analysis in 2-part session. 

Generate your own click data, refresh power analysis, and understand the theoretical aspects of advanced statistical tests. Once we refresh the theory knowledge, In this hands-on programming session, we will conduct an end-to-end A/B Test results Analysis. 

Perform the calculations for 2-Sample Z-Test including click probabilities, pooled variance, test statistics, P-value, and confidence interval. Interpret all the results and test the hypothesis for statistical and practical significance.

Bon Voyage Extras

Preparation Guide

Stride into your next statistical interview with confidence. Our bonus e-book equips you with the top 30 programming interview questions with sample code in python.

Bonus E-Book

And for those who act now, we offer also a bonus e-book with free resource or all topics covered as part of the Python for Data Science program, and much more.

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